Lorenzo Lotto

The Recanati Annunciation was  executed around 1534 and is in the Civic Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati, Italy.   A complete analysis of the painting is Here.


A complete analysis by an expert is provided above. I will add my humble take. The girls chamber is perfectly organize with day to day items (books, a candle, and neatly hung towel and night cap)  and illuminated with a small window. The chamber can also represent the inner life of the girl: plain, well organized, and very much of this world. Suddenly her room and her life are invaded by strange otherworldly beings; one with black butterfly wings, wild blond hair, and holding a lily. If that is not startling enough, the blond thing is pointing up towards a second being, a grey haired man in a cloud about to dive bomb into her uterus. She instinctively raises her hands and turns away. The painting is divided by a diagonal running from the top edge next to the pilaster along the right edge of the platform she is sitting on. This invites the viewer to stand on the left side of the painting (the this world side) and when you do her gaze is on the viewer.

The three figures are set pieces, images fashioned over and over by different artists from a story told, in Lotto's day, 1,500 years before. The girl looks at the viewer and asks: What do you make of this?

As if in an opera titled "The Annunciation" the singer playing the role of Mary, stops singing, turns to the audience and asks, "Is this all believable?" "If so, do you think Mary was pregnant before the deus ex machina?"

I could make a comment about the hour glass being half full (or half empty), but that would place me in danger of over yolking the custard, as some "experts" are prone to do.





The window is difficult to understand.