Giuseppe de Nittis

De Nittis, born in Barletta, studied at  Instituto di Belle Arti  and began his career  in 1864 by exhibiting painting in Florence. He moved to Paris then back Italy before returning to Paris in 1972 where he gained a success at the Salon with Che freddo!  in1874. He visited London, then took up pastels, his major medium, creating  Races at Auteuil in 1881. In 1878 he was awarded the Legion l'honneur and three years  later he died of a stroke, age 38.


de Nittis
Che freddo!














de nittis
Crossing the Apennines



                         Races at Auteuil          (part of a triplicate)















The Road from Brindisi to Barletta















                                                                         Woman in a Canoe




                                             Nudo con Calze Rosse











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