Dragons Galore

by JJ

Cosmic Dragons

night sky Draco
This time lapse image shows the fixed stars seemingly rotating around the north star. Little wonder that people from the Vedic age, ancient Egypt, China, Greece and others long ago perceived  the universe as a giant egg with earth as the yolk. The Fins even said it was a duck egg. To me it looks like a football, thus every weekend in the fall opposing teams of symbolic sperm compete with one another inside an oval shaped stadium to see which group can fertilize the cosmic egg (Touchdown!). Meanwhile, thousands cheer for their tribe to win the game. Life goes on. Constellation Draco (Latin for dragon) rotates around the north star. A full rotation of 360 degrees takes...you guessed it, a year.
Orphic Egg
The Ancient Greek  Orphic Cosmic Egg. The snake breaks the egg and out pops Phanes (Light) ..The Big Bang.
 Phanes was believed to have been hatched from the  Cosmic Egg  of Chronos (Time) and Anake (Necessity). His older wife  Nyx(Night) called him Protogenus. As she created nighttime, he created daytime. He also created the method of creation by mingling. He was made the ruler of the deities and passed the sceptre to Nyx. Nyx later gave the sceptre to her son Uranos, then Cronus, and on to Zeus.