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Ingres's funny female fingers


md moitessier herc
                     Ingres, Madam Moitessier                                   Hercules & Telephus, Naples, Roman, 2nd cen
madamM botero
                  Madame Moitessier by Susan Herbert                  Fernando Botero (Dominique Ingres, Mme Moitessier)
 jupiter "Just occasionally, Ingres makes a mistake of posing. His Madame Moitessier (National Gallery), perhaps the best-painted of all his works, has a silly spread-fingered hand under her chin which draws all the attention, and  reminds one of Ingres's disastrous state picture of Jupiter and Thetis (Aix, Mussee Granet), who is having his chin chortlingly chucked by funny female fingers. On the other hand, when Ingres gets the hand-under-chin right, as he does in the  Comtesse d'Haussonville (New York, Frick), the results is enchanting."  -Paul Johnson, Art: A New History.

(left)   Ingres, Jupiter and Thetis
Ingres, Comtesse d'Haussonville comtesse