New finds at Pompeii

The Great Pompeii Project, the conservation and restoration program launched in 2012 and largely underwritten by the European Union,  has already yielded skeletons, coins, a wooden bed, a stable harboring the remains of a horse, frescoes, murals and mosaics of mythological figures, and other examples of ancient Roman artistry.


“There is a version of the myth in which Orion announces he will kill every animal on Earth,” Osanna explains. “The angered goddess Gaia sends a scorpion to kill him, but Jupiter, god of sky and thunder, gives Orion wings and, like a butterfly leaving the chrysalis, he rises above Earth—represented by the snake—into the firmament, metamorphosing into a constellation.” -Smithsonian


I don't agree with the snake as earth. Apopis, Egyptian demon of chaos had the form of a serpent and represented all that was outside the ordered cosmos. This might be a better fit.

leda leda

A 13- by 18 inch fresco  of Leda, raped by Jupiter in a swan guise, was built up from as many as six or seven layers of plaster under pigments.
                      Adonis and Venus fresco. adonis