Stanhope Forbes


       Forbes painted by his wife Elizabeth

He studied with Léon Bonnat in Clichy, Paris from 1880 to 1882, then at the  Lambeth School of Art, the Royal Academy and the École nationale supérieure Arts.  Forbes went to Cancale, Brittany and painted en plein air, which became a technique that Forbes used throughout his career. Perhaps, the open air technique provided the freshness which makes his paintings so attractive.
safe anchorage
                                                      The Safe Anchorage 
the seine boat
                                                      The Seine Boat 
the slip
                                       The Slip 















skibbereen Off to Skibbereen from Newlyn.

(where have I seen that face)
the drinking place
                            The Drinking Place


Forbes and his wife, Elizabeth, were the founders of the Newlyn school of  painters who were based in Cornwall from the 1880s until the early 20th century. Many of the artist had trained in Paris and brought new ideas from there back to England, revitalizing the Victorian art scene.

The artists were attracted to the Cornish fishing villages as they found the mild climate of Cornwall and the long hours of sunlight conducive to painting in the open air.  The artists also avoided the smog and stress of  British cities. Furthermore, as the painting testify, there was no shortage of subject matter along the harbors and in the villages.









fish sale
                                            Fish Sale on Cornish Beach